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Umphreys Podcast Revisited


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It's been awhile since this has been thrust into the Cavern consciousness but are people still listening to these? Do some even know? I've gotten into going back and giving the big relistens to earlier casts. I've got from 16 on.

If you haven't or have lost touch with these, check out #44 November 2006. Extremely good, with some really fun moments and a Radiohead "National Anthem" Jam

* 00:00 Morning Song >

* 02:07 "Jimmy Stewart" >

* 09:49 Morning Song (11.02.06 - Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin)

* 15:52 The Girl is Mine@ >

* 21:28 August@* >

* 33:10 Out of Order (11.03.06 - Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin)

* 42:43 Ocean Billy >

* 56:24 Blue Echo^ >

* 74:17 Ocean Billy (11.04.06 - Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Total Broadcast Length 78:02


@ acoustic

* with National Anthem (Radiohead) jam

^ with Jake on keys for portion

The 3-night Wisconsin run from last November, showcased some of their strongest playing in 2006 -- a level which would continue through the end of the year. The podcast begins with an extended take on Morning Song takes a includes a sublime solo section from Joel. Adopted from Jake's Ali Baba's Tahini days, a cover of the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney collaboration The Girl is Mine also features the standard Jane Says (Jane's Addiction) interlude, while August features the band digging into the dark drone of Radiohead's National Anthem. The closing Ocean Billy sandwich is packed with 3 sections of Umphrey's more organic improvisational style, as they traverse through several genres and moods in each jaunt.


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