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My friend's new novel


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A friend of mine is about to release his second book. His first book was an amazing collection of short stories, called "The Ascent of Eli Israel".

The message below is from my friend, Jon Papernick, to his listserv. He is releasing his next book in Canada only, at first. His goal, though, is to sell 1001 copies of the book in Canada before it is released.

Help him out, by purchasing! This is his new book:


You'll end up with a great book, and helping out a great guy.

"A writer of enormous talent, originality, and wit ... with a personal intensity, a condensed fury, a simmering rage, that leaves the reader stunned and stirred.†Moment Magazine

We are excited to announce that Jon Papernick’s novel, Who By Fire, Who By Blood, “a hair-raising and suspense-filled page-turner,†about the upper middle-class Matthew Stone, and his entanglement with an Ultra Orthodox Zionist terrorist cell in Brooklyn, is being published by Exile Editions, this September.

In an effort to sell out the initial print run, we are launching the 1001 Book Project, in partnership with Back Pages Books, an independent book store in Waltham, MA. We chose the number 1001 because it is one copy more than the modest print run which will be available in stores in Canada, but solely through Back Pages Books in the United States, until it is picked up by a U.S. publisher.

We envision the 1001 Book Project to be a grass roots effort in which the reader becomes the taste-maker of what is new and stimulating reading – a kind-of Johnny Appleseed of good literature – rather than relying on conventional and predictable sources of what is being read now. Take an activist approach and purchase multiple copies and distribute them to friends and family, share with book groups, or use for arranged readings. Think of this as an investment, the same way you would buy shares in a start-up company. Your support will help the writer and the independent book store’s stock rise in the literary market.

Who By Fire, Who By Blood is available at a 20% discount for pre-orders at Back Pages Books. Each hardcover copy will be signed, numbered and stamped.


Available for pre-order in Canada and internationally through: http://www.exileeditions.com

For more information about Jon Papernick visit: http://www.jonpapernick.com

We look forward to your participation in this exciting and groundbreaking project, and to updating you on the road to 1001 books.

Many thanks,

The 1001 Book Project

P.S. Please forward this email along to other discerning readers.

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