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  1. I went to buy a book "Anatomy of Yoga" and the kid behind the counter brought me to the Science Fiction section and was looking around, he said "We don't have it, and I have never heard of it, sounds cool though"...I looked at his geeky glasses and was like "The anatomy of Yoga?" and he started laughing "I thought you said the Anatomy of Yoda".
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    I saw her in Montreal last (?) year because my niece begged me to go with her. I didn't want to go but a few folks around here said that she was good. She is a good singer...especially solo. Her opening band was awful, the worse live show I have ever seen...once they got off the stage, for the next two (plus) hours, they slowly turned off the big screens that were displaying some promotional stuff, then the background music was lowered until it was silent, then they turned on the lights so they were super bright. So For the next 1.5 hours people just sat/stood there in silence waiting. When
  3. http://www.levonhelm.com/LOVE_FOR_LEVON.htm Oh hell yeah! I got some love for Levon! Levon Helm to be Celebrated with "Love for Levon" on October 3, 2012 at The Izod Center Benefit Concert Will Feature a Star-Studded Lineup Including John Mayer, My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontagne, Eric Church, Gregg Allman, Dierks Bentley, Marc Cohn, Patty Griffin, Warren Haynes, John Hiatt, Bruce Hornsby, Jorma Kaukonen, The Levon Helm Band, Robert Randolph, Mavis Staples, Joe Walsh, Lucinda Williams and More Legendary Surprise Guests to be Announced...
  4. ha. was wondering what you know about technical sales jobs...Hahaha
  5. Hi All, I thought that I would start here since you are all so resourceful and smart. We have a postdoc in our office from Australia and her man is looking for a job. He has a Bach of Commerce and loads of experience in Technical Sales... Where should he start looking? Any tips? Thanks for your help
  6. Way to go! I hope that you get to have a relaxing and awesome summer after so much hard work. Congrats
  7. HAH what a nice wish... Happy Birthday, I hope that you have a wonderful year.
  8. big love. Fly Free Levon.
  9. Love these guys so much, have fun lucky people.
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