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Mike Sasso and Dave Lauzon June 27th

Pablo Sanchez

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I hope this will happen again...

...but not before I manage to get my jaw off the floor. The first set was good (with a really good cover of Daniel Lanois' "The Maker", with Mike on vocals), the second set was astounding: they led off with "With Or Without You", which largely followed Dave's solo arrangement, but with Mike perfectly complementing Dave's playing and looping with amazingly inventive and expressive lead work (on electric guitar, straight into a small [Pignose] amp, dialed in to just the right level of dirt in the sound); after that, I think it was an improv, but I heard elements of Dave's song Zero Capacity, but done 'way out into weird techno range. Watching the two of them work was a joy; it reminded me of some kind of house music act (like The Chemical Brothers), with both players tuning and tweaking gear as if they were "constructing" the music instead of just playing it.

This one is a high runner on my "Great Shows Hardly Anybody Was At" list, 2007 edition (and the second set may be a "set of the year").



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