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Two ideas for music in Peterborough

Red dog

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Sometime in the near future I'd like to do two different "style" nights at the MoHo, each night with two to three acts.



I'm stating this here to see if there are some suggestions as to great canadian acts (or people touring ontario early new year) that would fit these two nights. I feel like these are two styles of music Peterborough needs more of. Any thoughts? Truth be told I wish I could start up a regular bluegrass night with some great players.

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There's a great rockabilly band in Toronto called The Royal Crowns. Teddy Fury, who tends bar at the Horseshoe, is the drummer.


As far as bluegrass...there's a sort-of revolving door band that plays every Wednesday in Toronto at the Silver Dollar, they're called Crazy Strings and they're exactly what you're looking for James. Maybe you can twist their arm to come out for a weekend.

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I don't know if they have any plans to tour into Ontario, but Montreal's (bluegrass band) Notre Dame de Grass impressed me a lot when I saw them open for Yonder Mountain String Band in Montreal back in July. They play straight-up bluegrass (as opposed to YMSB's slightly jammier stuff), and their leader also did one song with just him singing, in a Texas "shouting" style (IIRC), that was stunning to watch.



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well, obviously The County Boys should be on the bluegrass night bill..or at least Benj rippin' on the banjo with some other bands :)

TCB with Fiddlin' Jay is a treat!

How about Gawpo Giggles band The Wayside Ramblers (speaking of..reminder that they are playing in Huntsville (Deerhurst Resort) this weekend at the central Canadian Bluegrass awards).

Creaking Tree String Quartet..I see are playing the MoHO tomorrow night!

that's all I got

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