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Must read - Elliotte Friedman goes to Russia


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23. When I asked Slava Fetisov off camera about Russia's Olympic loss to Canada, he laughed and said it reminded him of the Soviets' 8-1 win in the 1981 Canada Cup. Ouch.

24. I reminded Fetisov that, at his Hall of Fame induction, he joked that the winning goal in the 1987 Canada Cup (scored by Mario Lemieux) was offside. After our interview was over, he got up and said, "I wasn't joking. It was offside." Then he smiled and left.

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Guest Low Roller
I love EF's blog on CBC!
12. Never, ever, ever try to out-drink a Russian, especially when vodka is involved.

Duly noted.

Also applies to the Polish. :dazed:

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