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  1. 100%. The give away is that the cheap tickets were all UPS delivery. Extra tickets being offloaded by real people are always electronic delivery.
  2. Yeah I watched this StubHub nonsense play out in real time. One minute there are literally hundreds of tickets available below $20 US, the next minute there are only a handful of seats listed at $200+.
  3. I've been watching that on the hub of stubs too. Only problem is Ryley Walker is playing a show at the same time and I'd rather hear his version of the Lillywhite Sessions.
  4. I will only go to the Cocamo for Beachslam Mondays
  5. I can only assume that Daniel Romano will rule 2018 like he did in 2017.
  6. I'm coming tonight, snowstorm-permitting.
  7. Very cool. Please tell me that's ex-Weeping Tile drummer Cam Giroux in the band?
  8. Did any more details ever come from Brad's family? I hope there will be an opportunity to celebrate his life at some point.
  9. dave-O

    Eyes of the World

    I recommend you watch Bon Cop Bad Cop some time.
  10. dave-O

    Eyes of the World

    Osti de tabarnak de calice!
  11. Such devastating news. I'm still searching for the words to express my sadness. Obviously he is a legend in our community. Brad was a kind friend and a trusted and generous travel companion. A gentleman and a scholar. He will be missed dearly. Aloha.
  12. Only if they promise to play If One Of Us Should Fall
  13. I snoozed too and would take a single after phorbesie gets her order filled.
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