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  1. https://akronfamilymemorial.deadoceans.com/
  2. Love you Velvet! (miss you BradM)
  3. Brad getting the Robbie Robertson treatment singing into a dead mic, lol
  4. http://www.area216.net/sliplive/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3787
  5. Buy when they go on sale, they always sell out in Mtl.
  6. Devastating. I had the chance to hang with Neal for two nights while on Cardinals tour in 2007. Such a kind and gentle man. RIP
  7. 100%. The give away is that the cheap tickets were all UPS delivery. Extra tickets being offloaded by real people are always electronic delivery.
  8. Yeah I watched this StubHub nonsense play out in real time. One minute there are literally hundreds of tickets available below $20 US, the next minute there are only a handful of seats listed at $200+.
  9. I've been watching that on the hub of stubs too. Only problem is Ryley Walker is playing a show at the same time and I'd rather hear his version of the Lillywhite Sessions.
  10. I will only go to the Cocamo for Beachslam Mondays
  11. I can only assume that Daniel Romano will rule 2018 like he did in 2017.
  12. I'm coming tonight, snowstorm-permitting.
  13. Very cool. Please tell me that's ex-Weeping Tile drummer Cam Giroux in the band?
  14. Did any more details ever come from Brad's family? I hope there will be an opportunity to celebrate his life at some point.
  15. I recommend you watch Bon Cop Bad Cop some time.
  16. Osti de tabarnak de calice!
  17. Such devastating news. I'm still searching for the words to express my sadness. Obviously he is a legend in our community. Brad was a kind friend and a trusted and generous travel companion. A gentleman and a scholar. He will be missed dearly. Aloha.
  18. Only if they promise to play If One Of Us Should Fall
  19. I snoozed too and would take a single after phorbesie gets her order filled.
  20. Not sure if I'm understanding the question properly, but you definitely want to go through Ontario and cross at Hawkesbury to get from Montreal to Montebello.
  21. Can't believe they went all in for Molly Hatchet!!!
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