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2010.08.05 Greek Theatre, CAL.


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Set One

1. Possum

2. Wolfman's Brother

3. The Divided Sky

4. Funky Bitch

5. Kill Devil Falls

6. Halley's Comet >

7. Sample In A Jar


9. Bouncing Around The Room

10. Run Like An Antelope

Set Two

1. Down With Disease >

2. Free

3. Alaska

4. Back On The Train

5. Maze

6. Joy

7. Tweezer

8. Fluffhead


1. Loving Cup

2. Tweezer Reprise

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For the torrent folks...

Source: Schoeps mk4v> KC5> M222> NT222> EAA PSP-2 + Schoeps mk5> KCY> Schoeps VMS02IB> SD 744t (@24bit/48kHz)

Location: OTS, Section N, Row 7, Seat 9, mk4v/NOS, mk5/omni/AB


Field: Sennheiser MD441U > Edirol R4Pro ( Oade preamp mod ) @ 24/88.2

config: pointed slightly outside PA array, OTS, 1 "seat" left of center aisle, 12 feet 4 inches high.

Path: R4Pro > WaveBurner ( track on sector boundaries, fades, SRC, BDC ) > xACT ( to flac, and for tagging and checksums )


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