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  1. YEMSG confirmed for NYE! December 29th - January 1st. https://phish.shop.ticketstoday.com/Splash.aspx
  2. Marc Maron has re-posted his 2011 interview with Norm. It's a great talk, and the only time I've ever heard Norm stay out-of-character for any length of time. Also, Conan O'Brien posted a one hour podcast of him and Andy and one of their producers reminiscing about him. #chairmanofthebored
  3. Haven't listened yet, but the description in the article sounds promising. https://www.jambase.com/article/joe-russos-almost-dead-allman-brothers-band-set-lockn-setlist-videos
  4. Yeah, the bits and pieces I’ve heard on satellite radio have sounded great. Really dialed in.
  5. Love how you can see his smile rising behind the tickets. Total legend.
  6. I agree with his sentiment, for sure. Although by and large I think people who complain about Facebook "censorship" are missing the mark. The whole point of Facebook is to show people things that make them feel good so that they will keep coming back. If the algorithm doesn't give something prominence it's not "censorship," it's just how their business works. (The exception to this, of course, is public figures who post outright lies and have them removed, but that's not censorship so much as it is Facebook displaying the smallest little bit of social responsibility).
  7. This from the guy who moved to an island in the middle of the North Atlantic.
  8. I had no idea that was still a thing. I was at the first Rothbury in 2008, and yeah, yelling for Carl was a running festival-wide joke that played out all weekend (which I had completely forgotten until right now). Funny to see that it has persisted in some form.
  9. I'd say fifteen is pretty good given how nuanced the list is. Like I said above, it's not just full of the obvious choices. I mean yeah, given what you did in your past lives maybe you would be expecting a higher "score," but I would be surprised if anyone other than the most grizzled of touring professionals gets into the 20s.
  10. Yeah, I've really come around on streams. Pre-pandemic I hardly ever bought them, but it's become a regular thing in this house. Also,the last couple of streams I've watched have been of shows where attendees have been in pods, and I have to say that I see the appeal there. I like to be able to move around at shows, but having your own roped off "home base" in view of the stage is something I could get used to.
  11. If I recally correctly there was a page on Greg's website where he had a bunch of still shots of people whose names he was trying find. This particular image was #17, and it took off from there.
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