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  1. That’s fantastic, and Billy is a hell of a player to boot. I’ve seen him a few times opening up for Greensky.
  2. That’s fantastic, and Billy is a hell of a player to boot. I’ve seen him a few times opening up for Greensky.
  3. Hartamophone

    Epic Covers

    Wilson Pickett with Duane Allman - Hey Jude
  4. Also there’s a Paul McCartney tribute act this year, which mystifies me. Will he play only post-Beatles material? Will he play Beatles material but with a non-Beatles themed backing band? Did they only have the budget for 1/4 of a Beatles tribute? All actual questions that I have. Edit: I Googled it. The guy aims to recreate a Paul McCartney show, playing solo and Wings material as well as Beatles tunes. So there’s that.
  5. It’s a Wednesday to Saturday, evening start on the weeknights, late afternoon start on the Saturday. Single day tickets are fifty bucks (!), full passes are ninety-five. I remain confused by the viability of this, but as I said before, God bless ‘em. https://nostalgiafestival.ca/
  6. I was in a back-and-forth about this very topic on Twitter. I’m calling $350 plus camping fees as the cheapest option, up to a bajillion dollars for super magical endangered tiger VIP packages. Some people were using the Phish Watkins prices as a guideline, but I don’t think this will be comparable in that regard.
  7. True enough. I would be pretty happy - thrilled, even! - to be able to ride my bike to this festival after work every night. Lots of good stuff on here, but not enough to tempt me to make the trek. Also, as a three-day festival lineup it seems a little cobbled together and uneven, but then again so do I.
  8. When I saw the Bluesfest lineup I thought I had officially entered my Jazzfest years. But now that I see the Jazzfest lineup I feel frightened and alone. Hooray for The Roots, at least.
  9. The Roots will also be at Jazzfest, I think.
  10. Nothing on there that really scratches my itches, although enough people have recommended Jason Isbell that I might check him out. Aside from that, I hope a million people go and have all the fun and drink all the beers, but my summer concert money and days off will be spent elsewhere.
  11. Anyone have any other rumours or speculation?
  12. I think last time I snagged a pair of 200s for $25 total, or thereabouts. I seem to recall having the pick of the pavilion for that price, aside from the pit. Granted this was PBD (Pre-Baker’s Dozen).
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