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Phish 10/16/2010 WOW!

Kanada Kev

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I've only listened to this once, but does this ever sound like a wicked show to have attended! FUCK FUCK FUCK why does Utica have to be on a Wed? :(


10/16/10 North Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, SC


Kill Devil Falls (8:19)

Guelah Papyrus (6:15)

The Curtain With (12:44)

The Mango Song (7:21)

Sand (10:09)

Limb By Limb (7:20)

Sneakin' Sally thru the Alley (6:08)

Uncle Pen (4:50)

Pebbles and Marbles (9:39)

Cavern (4:53)

David Bowie (11:19)


Crosseyed and Painless (15:54)

Dirt (4:15)

Fluffhead (16:24)

2001 (7:05)

Tweezer (10:51)

Show Of Life (6:10)

You Enjoy Myself (21:21)


I Been Around (2:17)

Quinn the Eskimo (4:33)

Tweezer Reprise (4:09)

10-16-2010 pt1

10-16-2010 pt2

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