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I was very close to getting a sound dock yesterday for my iPod and hooking up my apple airport express but Ollie has nearly sold me on getting a Sonos system. It seems like that setup is ideal because you just keep adding to it and it'll use your network, connect up with other music services and they have apps on iPad and iPhone to control everything.

Who's got thoughts on the Sonos speakers or sound docks in general? What do you have?

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I couldn't wait for opinions afterall and decided to get the Sonos Play 5 and give it a shot. I can return it within a month but so far I'm really digging it. Great sound (completely matches the iPod Hifi in terms of sound driving/quality with more functionality) and it's connected to my entire digital music library 1 floor away. You need to hard-wire these things initially to your network and then they "talk" to each other. You can setup sonos equipment anywhere in the house and can control them together or separately using iPhones, iPads, or PC/Mac. Access to services like Napster keeps the music flowing.

Basically, I have Apple's Airport Express which is plugged in downstairs and then I had to plug the Sonos into that with a LAN cable and an audio cable. I'm not sure why I need both but I believe that the Sonos needs information from their software and it likely has memory to buffer. I don't think it depends entirely on the line-in audio channel and a stream from the airport.

Really cool tech and well supported. The only thing missing is a Sonos device for the car that can hook into a satellite network. Sirius should buy them, or vice-versa. Or maybe Apple should swallow up both companies, take the satellite network and extend their cloud and music services.

Mind you, that would probably rub monopoly hating people the wrong way.

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