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Needed: one shin kicker (but not too hard)

Davey Boy 2.0

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'A Randburg man has posted an advert on the Gumtree classifieds website in which he would like a midget to kick his ex-girlfriend on the shins. "I was recently dumped and require the services of a midget to go and kick my ex-girlfriend in the shins whilst she is at work," he writes. The man, known only as Brett, works for a marketing company, told the Star that his advert was not a joke. "I clearly took it out because I want my ex-girlfriend to be kicked in the shins. Midget revenge is the only form of revenge that works these days," he said. He added that his ex had dumped him after dating for two months.

'The advert had been viewed over 2, 600 times by Friday and Brett rejected suggestions that his ad was discriminatory toward people with dwarfism. "F*ck if I care. They know they are midgets. I'm not being politically correct about this." Brett also rejected accusations that he was promoting violence against women because the advert posted on February 27 says that his ex should be kicked "once (not too hard) in the shin, and leave". It is unclear how much Brett is willing to pay for the service' - News24.com

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