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Luminato Festival lineup is out


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Wow, this is cool.



The Courtyard Revue at Luminato

Hosted by Jason Collett

One frosty winter night in 2007, the Basement Revue, brainchild of singer, songwriter and master showman Jason Collett, was born at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern. A critical and popular sensation, the Basement Revue features the best of Canadian literary and musical talent in a cross-pollinating variety show. The Luminato Festival debuted that same year, and has annually earned global renown for its stellar mélange of local, national and international artists. The Courtyard Revue at Luminato fuses these two creative forces. It is the late night edition of the Festival.

Each night, The Courtyard Revue will cap off with a dance party featuring a secret mutant wedding band. Hosted by Collett, this scintillating after-hours collaboration will maintain the Basement Revue's tradition of keeping each night's lineup a mystery. Impromptu surprises are essential to the nighttime magic and, since The Courtyard Revue will also serve as the official after-party for Luminato Festival artists, there's no telling who you'll be rubbing shoulders with or see take a guest turn onstage.

Don't miss the season's hottest new pop-up music venue, only at the Berkley Street Theatre during the Festival.

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Has anyone been checking out any of Luminato this year? Kevin Breit is playing this Saturday, followed by Rosanne Cash.

An interesting announcement that came out today on FB regarding the Courtyard Review series that is underway:


The multiminded HYDRA will debut tonight. The 7-headed supergroup of Snowblink, AroarA, Charles Spearin, Leslie Feist and Lucky Paul will braid an interwoven macramé of each others' songs.

3 nights of a speakeasy afterparty starts tonight.

Berkeley Theatre 11pm

Come to any or all 3 nights


Here's a review of the first two nights: http://ca.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/916181/jason-collett-brings-kitchen-table-to-luminatos-courtyard

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I highly recommend checking out Unsound Toronto tonight at the decommissioned Hearn Generating Plant for those in Toronto.  Went last night and it was incredible. The space is massive and stunning.  650,000 cubic metres of space and Hamilton steel. Stars of the Lid set up the perfect atmosphere and the show after that was sensory overload in a good way.  There is a side-thing that incorporate scents into the performance too.  I didn't do that (cost an extra $10) but I heard from others that it smelled good!





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