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  1. edger

    Hooray for everyone!!!!

    I was actually a little sad that I was in the states for this momentous day. It's easy to take our level of freedom for granted. The times they are a changin'
  2. edger

    Phish Fall Tour

    Well I wasn't able to do both nights but managed to steal away for night 2. I had a great night. Admittedly foggier in my recollection than I like to be for latter parts of the evening but well I was excited I guess. Highlights for me were chalkdust and bathtub gin in first set. Light from second set was stuck in my head all night til I woke up this morning. Good company Wish I could have done both nights.
  3. edger

    Dead Phish 2.0

    These guys put on a great show. Love the poster!
  4. Nice job guys. I'm out of the country but appreciate that you're doing this
  5. edger

    Outlaw Music Festival

    Cool. Might have been a not so smart uncertainty on my part but I was wondering whether the promise of the real included Lukas when they play with Neil. Sounds like a rockin great set list. I can imagine a significant mellow contrast with Willie to follow. I actually thought his voice sounded great in Toronto particularly given his age. His guitar playing has some odd tempo hiccups for sure. It's been a while since I've seen Neil now...
  6. edger

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

    They don't call it trampled by turtles for nothing
  7. edger

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

    Nice to hear that. I've had a little love affair with those guys now for a number of years. So glad they came out to tour again
  8. edger


    I wasn't. Soul sucking
  9. edger

    Slippery People

    Thanks for the perspective. And welcome to the board youngblood!
  10. edger

    Tedeschi Trucks Band Convoy Arrives at CityFolk

    The TTB review was really nicely written! And Haha! Lettin' loose! Sounds like the sound was good
  11. edger

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

    Ha, how forthcoming of them. Yes great show last night by the Turtles. I don't have much to add other than a great mix of new and old tunes. I have had a few very well seasoned music lovers tell me that Byrne this tour has been one of the best shows they have ever seen. So ya know....hopefully the turtles still get a good turnout and are crawling around for a while to come
  12. edger

    Outlaw Music Festival

    Ha. I hope I fall in the kid category
  13. I am so so bummed to miss them in the hometown! Love these guys. I suppose there are worst things than having to be in Norway for work...only consolation
  14. edger

    Outlaw Music Festival

    I scooted in for Terra's last song so I could be mistaken but fairly certain ersh was not playing with her.
  15. edger

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

    Not around for any of this but seeing Trampled by turtles tonight in Toronto. Been a few years!