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  1. edger

    Stones in Toronto June 29????

    Well tickets for GA grass (majority of the venue) were changing in real time. Almost bought at $119 a tic but then when checking out they had magically changed to $179 + a ticket. I let those go on principle. Now the lowest GA ticket appears to be sitting at $199. I'm going to take my chances and wait. Parking is almost another $40.
  2. edger

    Adams and Mayer and Weir, oh my!

    I have to be perfectly honest in saying that I'm not entirely up to speed on what he's been up to most recently in terms of feeling any real level of familiarity with it
  3. I can't believe that this hasn't been posted yet...seems like a cool collab to me Ryan Adams Confirms In-Studio Collaborations With John Mayer And Bob Weir https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/ryan-adams-john-mayer-bob-weir/?fbclid=IwAR049lySpH2TmMbk2Eg-3ovyVaMsdcSv3aIO95rwUtD-jsPZSxkloTKu55A
  4. edger

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    No way. Still suspicious in my books. Bring back the purple font!
  5. edger

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    Everyone is working hard to design a system that can get around you two and make it more just for the rest of us.... Shit show for sure. I had verified, but was kicked off twice. Ended up with decent 300s I suppose...was able to pull better 200s after the fact but didn't really want to drop more money. I suspect there will be a tonne of tickets to be had but I may be out of touch...?
  6. edger

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    I wonder how much of a difference, if at all, there will be? Having said that... just when you think you can't get any higher...
  7. I'm not on social media but my students have been talking about the 10 year challenge craze. I found this to be an interesting read which suggests it may all be (just another) data mining tactic https://nationalpost.com/news/world/the-10-year-challenge-really-really-looks-like-a-data-mining-operation?utm_source=Ryerson+Today+Contacts&utm_campaign=6e50a6affa-20190121&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4843a7a799-6e50a6affa-53446655
  8. edger

    Fyre Festival

    I watched the netflix documentary called "Fyre" on this whole debacle. Just mind-blowing...and a sad window into our world of "influencers" and the industry feeding insatiable longing for exclusivity. Apparently there are actually two documentaries on this shitshow: https://www.cnet.com/news/netflix-or-hulu-which-fyre-festival-documentary-you-should-watch/ While they give some passing nods to the Bahamian workers who slaved for months and went unpaid, I don't think they begin to do justice to the social and ecological exploitation and implications of this entire mess, or that likely would have gone entirely ignored if this had even remotely panned out as planned for those who were in attendance. While I've thought about it many times before, it really made me think again about my own festival-going patterns of consumption...so much to be grateful for, and also so much more that we need to do better on in terms of raising levels of consciousness about the footprint of our mystical musical ventures.
  9. And The Last Waltz.... This will surely be fantastic. Sure wish I could get a copy of it today and hunker down in this snow storm with a blanket and a bowl of chips...
  10. edger

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    You just make sure you get yourself there....maaaan!! One way or another
  11. edger

    Greensky Bluegrass

    Agreed with your comments...I enjoy them more and more each time I see them. I love their material and really enjoyed the new stuff. They jam like the wind and their covers are always choice and super fun. Could You Be Loved????!!!!.... that was a joyful highlight.