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  1. This seems to help explain what's going on. This can't be the only solution...feels like a wolf in lambskin. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/taylor-swifts-ticket-strategy-brilliant-business-or-slowing-demand-630218/amp/
  2. edger

    Bluesfest 2019

    Some nice tone there on that good ole boy
  3. edger

    This is a thread about Pinball.

    Haha. So awesome. Keep the thrill alive!
  4. edger

    Dig out those old tie-dyes!

    Was literally just watching St. Rusell with my son. Not a bad Christmas flick
  5. Curious to know how many of you have seen this band live yet and if so, what do you think? Caught them for the second time the other night in Toronto. First time was this past summer at Peach fest. I went into that assuming I wasn't going to love it. I think I assumed it was going to be indulgent noodly shredding and just the latest fad. I was pleasantly blown away not only by Marcus himself (Just the right amount of noodle shred) but his whole band stood out. Not an easy feat at peach given my love for their lineups. Intrigued me enough to make it out on a gloomy Monday this week. Just had a feeling I should appreciate this relatively new artist and enjoy seeing them in a small room. A luxury that could fade. Gotta say, once again this "kid" really REALLY impressed me. Holy shit. I thought I sensed growth in rhythmic discipline since I first heard of this band and there were many holy shit wow moments. Only 22 years old and already so so full of sincere soul, angst, rootedness, amazing solos and a gospel filled voice to bring the house down. And again the whole band was fantastic. Huge props to your buddy Jay that is on the keys "Deshawn d'vibes". He had such great grit and weave. A pleasure to watch him and the trombone player dance around Marcus and kick him in the ass here and there. And the drummer was monstrous in my opinion. Not easy holding down an artist like Marcus that seems destined to take flight. I thought the drummer brought the perfect balance of anchored driven force. Is it just me or is this band going places? Edit to add: RIP BradM. I suspect you were there and would have loved to share those tracks with all
  6. edger


    Have fun folks. Was surprised to hear/be reminded that they disbanded 15 years ago??? That's crazy. Feels far more recent. Nice to hear the older wiser is opening!
  7. edger

    Dig out those old tie-dyes!

    mimicgimmick I am curious to know who is comprising these tribute bands
  8. edger

    Dig out those old tie-dyes!

    I love to play dress up!
  9. edger


    Well I'll be...
  10. I liked this piece https://liveforlivemusic.com/features/dad-please-never-stop-going-to-music-festivals-an-open-letter/?fbclid=IwAR2LP_UNBhzrWNKNqPzLUg_x1KQnV0RXRHY8WART1hcBjseYQKcw8KARb0I
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    Well, that was scary

    Yes, grateful to still have this connection. My only real social media outlet. I kept thinking it wouldn't be shut down with no notice would it? I don't want to take this forum, bouche or any of you cats for granted....
  12. edger

    Allman Betts Band

    This is good news in my books. I quite enjoyed their set at peach fest this past summer. Any way ABB music stays alive is good by me. Sacred shit! Not to mention something cathartic about the next generation getting along
  13. edger

    RIP Kevin Rieth

    Ugh. This just gutted me to read this. I knew the day was coming one day but very sad. He has fought hard. His brother Brian is also a dedicated music lover and supporter. Slow deterioration is an incredibly difficult reality to be saddled with. I've known nothing but positivity and light from these guys. Humbling. My sincere love and condolences.
  14. edger

    Does anybody remember laughter?

    Ha! You have to post your browser history one of these days
  15. edger

    Phish Fall Tour

    Creativity and dedication, bar none.
  16. edger

    Jamfest 2018 in Toronto

    Clickbait;) In all seriousness this gig has a great bill and I dug the vibe of this venue the one and last time I was there. And on an even more serious note that hair metaphor is getting thinner as the years trek on ?. Let those beards step in and fly free!
  17. edger

    Hooray for everyone!!!!

    I was actually a little sad that I was in the states for this momentous day. It's easy to take our level of freedom for granted. The times they are a changin'
  18. edger

    Phish Fall Tour

    Well I wasn't able to do both nights but managed to steal away for night 2. I had a great night. Admittedly foggier in my recollection than I like to be for latter parts of the evening but well I was excited I guess. Highlights for me were chalkdust and bathtub gin in first set. Light from second set was stuck in my head all night til I woke up this morning. Good company Wish I could have done both nights.
  19. edger

    Dead Phish 2.0

    These guys put on a great show. Love the poster!
  20. Nice job guys. I'm out of the country but appreciate that you're doing this
  21. edger

    Outlaw Music Festival

    Cool. Might have been a not so smart uncertainty on my part but I was wondering whether the promise of the real included Lukas when they play with Neil. Sounds like a rockin great set list. I can imagine a significant mellow contrast with Willie to follow. I actually thought his voice sounded great in Toronto particularly given his age. His guitar playing has some odd tempo hiccups for sure. It's been a while since I've seen Neil now...
  22. edger

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

    They don't call it trampled by turtles for nothing
  23. edger

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

    Nice to hear that. I've had a little love affair with those guys now for a number of years. So glad they came out to tour again