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skb rochester review


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Hey All-

On Friday night I checked out SKB at the

Water Street Theater in Rochester. Some

of the newer songs are starting to

sound grate(Storm Crow,Brother Mike).

Samba was awesome with a re-worked intro.

Other mentionables... You're The One,

Coles Law-> Tangled Hangers [smile][smile][smile]

SK on this tour has his friend Jim

Kost on keys. He doesn't add too much

to the mix though... tends to play the

same chords as Mitch, so his touches

are lost. He only stepped up during the

transition between Coles/Hangers and

added some tasty electic piano stuff.

Grate to hang out with the Guelph folks

Pete/Tasha/Ryan. Hope the pics turned

out well. The drive straight to work with

no sleep was ASS, I must be getting old.

As always looking forward to the next

SKB show... hopefully one before festival

season. Smilefest keeps looking better.

Rodney Holmes for President! Kimock for

Prime Minister!! [smile]



ps- 3 sets of moe in Syracuse next w/e!

pss- Sarah just put on the SKB DVD, sounds

and looks amazing!!

03/26/04 (Fri) Water Street Music Hall -

Rochester, NY

Set 1: Storm Crow, Electric Wildlife,

Why Can't We All Just Samba, One For

Brother Mike, Long Form Part 4, You're The One

Set 2: Cole's Law > Tangled Hangers, 5 B4 Funk,

Avalon, Thing One, Tongue 'n' Groove,

E: A New Africa

Lineup: Steve Kimock, Rodney Holmes, Mitch Stein,

Leo Traversa, Jim Kost



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could you hear Kost at all ? when i caught them i could not hear a single bloody note out of him (even at the rail). other folks argue that he's completely audible, but he's just adding texture to the music, and he's not the kind of keyboardplayer to really taking any runs (like pete sears, for one example). i could hear him from the recent chesters shows, but he didn't really do anything terribly interesting (with the exception of a few tunes).

i also don't think the bass is all that interesting these days either.

i still love the music though, but it's always tough when you're comparing it to past incarnations of the band.

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