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  1. The projector and screen are reserved. My laptop has HDMI as does the projector. Once you give me the cable length we need I will put together a CAT6 cable to avoid using wifi. I will stop by the rental shop next week to check out the projector and see what types of output it has for audio connections.
  2. McGruff the Crime Dog saves the day. Glad to hear you got your gear back Ike.
  3. Tennessee Jed Package $346.50 One (1) Person Package; General Admission (Dance in the Hallways) no seat, no view of the stage. • Three night stay anywhere in the Soldier Field Parking Lot. • One (1) Shakedown Street coupon for a grilled cheese and Mountain Dew combo. • One (1) 50th Anniversary event blanket and pillow....Rich man step on my poor head..
  4. I got all three disc yesterday. Video is a little grainy but it was from vhs era. Audio is great. I'm going to have a mini nye celebration this afternoon.
  5. https://screen.yahoo.com/live/event/drive-by-truckers playing English Oceans
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