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  1. Rossolee

    Phish Fall Tour

    Looking forward to the Halloween run next week ?
  2. Rossolee

    Phish Fall Tour

    In for Vegas! Hope to see some of you folks there!
  3. Rossolee

    Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Kitchener Blues Fest

    Thanks for the heads up! We'll be there!!
  4. Rossolee

    Dead & Co summer tour just announced

    Pits for Darien
  5. Rossolee

    Happy 50th Birthday, Velvet!

    Happy 50th Todd!!!
  6. Rossolee

    Horrible news for our community: RIP BradM

    Such sad sad news! I can see him standing by his taping rig in his nero shirt... Aloha
  7. Rossolee

    Moe in Boston

    Another 3 set night! My feet hurt Set 1: Zed Naught Z > Same Old Story > Bring You Down, Chromatic Nightmare, Captain America, Montego, Where Does The Time Go? > WaterSet 2: Kids > Lazarus, Letter Home > Faker > Same Old Story > Zed Naught Z, Gone > Deep This TimeSet 3: Skrunk > Kids, Buster, Angel, St. Augustine > Same Old StoryEnc: ? (The band Aqueous came out and did a song), Comfortably Numb
  8. Rossolee

    Moe in Boston

    Super fun shows so far in Cambridge! Great venue... less than 500 people. 3 sets last night was a nice surprise 04/07/2017 • The Sinclair • Set 1: San Ber'dino> Recreational Chemistry> Godzilla> Plane Crash Set 2: Akimbo> Puebla> Bullet> Prestige Worldwide> Bearsong Set 3: Not Coming Down> Fearless> Wormwood> Okayalright, Brittle End> 32 Things Encore: Ziggy Stardust, Downward Facing Dog 04/06/2017 • The Sinclair Set 1: Crab Eyes> Threw It All Away> Crab Eyes> The Ghost Of Ralph's Mom, Runaway Overlude, The Road> Head> The Road, Wind it up Set 2: White Lightning Turpentine > Cornflake Girl, Cathedral, Yodelittle> Don't Fuck With Flo> Silver Sun Encore: Kyle's Song, One Way Out 04/05/2017 • The Sinclair • Notes: Canned Pastries LTP > 4/14/16 Set 1: Happy Hour Hero> Johnny Lineup> Annihilation Blues, Hi and Lo> Big World> Ricky Marten> Timmy Tucker Set 2: Rebubula> The Happiest Days Of Our Lives > Another Brick in the Wall> Spine Of A Dog> Canned Pastries> Spine Of A Dog> Rebubula Encore: Karma Police> Interstellar Overdrive> Awesome Gary
  9. Rossolee

    Sadies Album release

    Looks like The Sadies are doing an album release for Northern Passages Saturday March 11. 2 sets at the Royal on College st. Looks like fun! http://www.thesadies.net/tour.html
  10. Rossolee

    moe. Syracuse March 4th

    Headed to the 4 shows in Boston (Cambridge) in April Might make a game day decision for the 'Cuse show
  11. Rossolee

    Voodoo Dead videos

    Heres this past weekends Voodoo Dead shows... Fans of Kimock, Burbridge, Chimenti, Greene will enjoy!
  12. Rossolee

    2017 Tours being dropped (Dead&Co, TAB, moe etc)

    Couldn't resist the moe. 4 night run at the Sinclair in Cambridge(Harvard Square, Boston) Small room... 500+ people. Should be fun!!
  13. Rossolee

    Rheostatics @theHorseshoe

    Hey Folks A couple Rheos shows at the Horseshoe in December. http://www.rheostatics.ca/
  14. Looking forward to it! Might grab a pre show beer at the Lansdowne Brewery with Fluffhead and Meggo