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  1. Will definitely try and make it... Hopefully with Finley... our '74 Westy
  2. Looking forward to the Halloween run next week ?
  3. In for Vegas! Hope to see some of you folks there!
  4. Such sad sad news! I can see him standing by his taping rig in his nero shirt... Aloha
  5. Another 3 set night! My feet hurt Set 1: Zed Naught Z > Same Old Story > Bring You Down, Chromatic Nightmare, Captain America, Montego, Where Does The Time Go? > WaterSet 2: Kids > Lazarus, Letter Home > Faker > Same Old Story > Zed Naught Z, Gone > Deep This TimeSet 3: Skrunk > Kids, Buster, Angel, St. Augustine > Same Old StoryEnc: ? (The band Aqueous came out and did a song), Comfortably Numb
  6. Super fun shows so far in Cambridge! Great venue... less than 500 people. 3 sets last night was a nice surprise 04/07/2017 • The Sinclair • Set 1: San Ber'dino> Recreational Chemistry> Godzilla> Plane Crash Set 2: Akimbo> Puebla> Bullet> Prestige Worldwide> Bearsong Set 3: Not Coming Down> Fearless> Wormwood> Okayalright, Brittle End> 32 Things Encore: Ziggy Stardust, Downward Facing Dog 04/06/2017 • The Sinclair Set 1: Crab Eyes> Threw It All Away> Crab Eyes> The Ghost Of Ralph's Mom, Runaway Overlude, The Road>
  7. Looks like The Sadies are doing an album release for Northern Passages Saturday March 11. 2 sets at the Royal on College st. Looks like fun! http://www.thesadies.net/tour.html
  8. Headed to the 4 shows in Boston (Cambridge) in April Might make a game day decision for the 'Cuse show
  9. Heres this past weekends Voodoo Dead shows... Fans of Kimock, Burbridge, Chimenti, Greene will enjoy!
  10. Couldn't resist the moe. 4 night run at the Sinclair in Cambridge(Harvard Square, Boston) Small room... 500+ people. Should be fun!!
  11. Hey Folks A couple Rheos shows at the Horseshoe in December. http://www.rheostatics.ca/
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