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  1. ahhh...the brown people clause. C-towns, do you know of any groups that are flying in emergancy goods? What brings you to that area? I would like to know how many other Northern communities are facing similar situations as temperatures get into the minus thirties?
  2. There is so much crazy going on. I pretty much equate it to racism and greed. Not sure what else to think. I'd realy like to know why our military aren't flying goods in and shacking up to help throughout the winter and get shit going on come the spring.
  3. Still interested in more locations/groups who are flying stuff in. Thanks!
  4. Locations to Drop off items for Attawapiskat on Nov 29 in Blog, slider by tnaadmin Thank you to everyone who has been contacting our offices. Many have asked where they can drop items off and when they will be able to. Here is some important information for you so items get to the locations on time. We currently have 2 locations you can donate items at, an address to ship items or mail donations to and a website you can donate money directly to help in this time of need. We are able to assure you that every penny we receive goes straight into Attawapiskat. Dropoff locations are currently: ***OTTAWA LOCATION*** drop items or donations off at this location as well as ship items or mail donations. Receiving items until December 12th, end of day. Location open Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm & Sundays 9:00am – 1:00pm. BPEA / True North Aid 8A-2016 Ogilvie Road Ottawa, ON K1J 7N9 ***BOWMANVILLE LOCATION*** item drop off location on 2 specific dates only *** December 3rd & 10th 9:00am – noon. Liberty Church 1965 Martin Road N Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K4 We hope to have more locations to announce soon but advise that your best option is to contact our Ottawa office at 1(888)344-6333 or ship your items to the Ottawa location at BPEA / True North Aid. As a reminder here are the items that are needed: The following items are needed: Warm clothing Snowsuits Boots Electric Heaters Non-perishable food items (flour, rice etc) Warm Bedding
  5. For some odd reason I can only log in once a day to jambands? So now I am a shitidiot;) So these guys are taking donations of 'gear' warm clothes, heaters, dry foods... http://truenorthaid.ca/2011-11-29/locations-to-drop-off-items-for-attawapiskat
  6. HALLOWEEN DANCE WITH THE SILVER HEARTS & SERENA JEAN BAND Markdale, ON –On Saturday October 29th 2011 The Silver Hearts, one of Canada’s best kept secrets and Serena Jean Southam, New York City’s country darling will share the stage for a Halloween dance at the Kimberley Hall with all proceeds going to support the Rotary Club of Markdale. For the past ten years, Peterborough's The Silver Hearts have drawn comparisons as unique as their music. With instrumentation consisting of drums, bass, guitar, piano, sousaphone, theremin, trombone, trumpet, harmonicas, and accordion, The Silver Hearts have established their own blend of burlesque swing, southern gospel, pre-war blues & field hollers. It is exciting music, rooted in tradition. The Silver Hearts began as a duo of Charlie Glasspool (Markdale) and Trevor ‘Tiny’ Davis in early 2000. Within a few weeks they had evolved into a quintet. Ensconced as the house band at the ancient, ramshackle tavern The Montreal House, the band attracted old friends and grew into an anarchic horde of over a dozen players and singers by the time of their first album. The Silver Hearts brought a dark, absurdist edge to their re-workings of blues, country and tin-pan-alley music, and tore into originals, standards and contemporary covers with equal ferocity and grim glee. The band celebrated its tenth anniversary by playing the Arabaki Festival in Sendai, Japan in May 2010 Serena Jean Southam returns for much anticipated visit to Grey County. The last time she visited in December 2009 she wowed the crowds and stole the show. She is the type of singer who probably belongs in Nashville but calls New York City her home these days. What Serena Jean does best is paint pictures with words offering an enlightening glimpse into a personal background. Serena Jean relies on a continuous sense of intimacy in her lyrical and musical approach, which give the songs a fitting home in a small club as much as on a much large setting. Southam’s voice is honeyed and punctuated with more than a few alluring cosmic winks. Her album Town & Country blends elements of traditional country with the melodic chops that allow breezy pop moments to rise up naturally. With this release she reaffirms her position at the forefront of the American roots music scene. " Serena Jean Southam is a mighty fine country-rockin' gal.... She and her cracking band will entice you to honky-tonk. This is the genuine hotness—with boots!" Sais The Village Voice(NYC) Every dollar this event makes goes to support the Rotary Club of Markdale. The Rotary Club of Markdale works hard and is involved in many of the important projects in our community. Event organizer & Rotarian, Eric Robertson, said “I think it’s important that we work together to improve the quality of life in our community. After joining Rotary last year I was amazed at how much The Rotary Club of Markdale does, such as The Markdale pond, Markdale Arts for Youth, The Street Frolic, fundraising for the medical center and helping local people in need. Before I joined Rotary I took it for granted that all these things happened, but now I know it is the result of endless hours of volunteering by Rotarians.†HALLOWEEN DANCE WITH THE SILVER HEARTS & SERENA JEAN BAND IN SUPPORT OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MARKDALE WHO: The Silver Hearts & Serena Jean Southam WHAT: Fundraising Concert in support of The Rotary Club Of Markdale WHEN: Saturday, October 29th , 2011 – DOORS 8:00 SHOW 8:30 WHERE: Kimberley Hall, 235309 Grey Road 13, Kimberley 519-986-2811 TICKETS: $20 in advance. $25 at the door. *Tickets are available at the following locations: The Flying Spatula Diner, on Grey Road 4 in Flesherton 519-924-2424 by email at eric@greycountyrealestate.com ‎235309 Grey Road 13, Kimberley. Kimberley is in the heart of the Beaver Valley.
  7. Moonshiners Daughter is opening!! free camping available.
  8. So stoked for tomorrow. Get drunk, high as fuck and dance motherfuckers!
  9. Fresco Lopes > L > Anabanana > jam > Holes
  10. Hello Everybody, I want to send thanks out to everyone that helped us raise over $3000.00 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Canada. It was amazing how much support came from this the forum. It really means a lot to me and everyone that loved Boogieknight. Thank you all. And thank you for helping people living and fighting blood cancer. The Show was a huge success ...So I expect to next years show will be even better. A big shout out goes to Tungsten Gruvsten who did sound and recorded the event. Thank you Eric. Here's the links to the recording. Charles Glasspool: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J1R5QATZ Serena Jean Southam: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KLGVNIDX Jason Collett: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=46NTEXSM Thank you all again. See you next year.
  11. THANK YOU! What a great night. I'll post more details soon. Thanks and much love.
  12. Well it's almost time. Thought I'd post some directions. From Toronto: 401> 410 north> Highway 10 north> follow 10 N till Flesherton> Turn Left at lights in Flesherton(county road 4 west)> follow till Priceville (very small town, no lights no stop signs)> Turn left at Queen St.> Turn right on Kinross st. > END From Guelph: North on highway 6> Follow 6 N till Durham> Turn right at lights (county road 4 east)> Follow till Priceville> Turn right at Artemesia Glenelg Townline / Side road 50 (first road on right)> turn left at Kinross St. > END Hope to see lots of you there. It's going to be a great night. Thanks Friendly
  13. Cheap Trick is one of the best classic rock bands still playing. And are kick ass live. Maybe you should stop being such a sarcastic dick(your words not mine) and listen to the music.
  14. Zeus Dec 16 E-Bar Guelph, ON, CANADA We will be at this show. I totally love this band.
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