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  1. It is a BAD night! With no A-Train, it really exposes how poor Picard and Campi are. Kovalev got rocked. Hope we don't slide for too long! We got to find out why the refs hate the Sens and fix it... Pierre McGuire is right about the lippiness... If we lose the next five, and don't piss off the refs it'll be worth it in the long run.
  2. The thing I don't like about this team, is that the games are so boring.
  3. It's good to be back. This team has some seriously good potential. Great game plan, and nice to see them brush aside a desperate hockey team tonight. Carkner and Clouston are fuggin awesome for this team. Going to be a fun year!
  4. The Habs: Maybe a little bit better than the Leafs... but too close to say.
  5. The only thing Molsons' has saved is their tradition of leaving you with a bowl full of liquid shit the day after thanks to their crappy products.
  6. Who's with me and my boycott of Ticketmaster?!?! ... hello? ...
  7. I agree with Hartsburg. He could of been a winning coach, and he was right they had to play a different system. It's too bad, for Sens fans, too good for the other two teams in Morontowa, that the team didn't buy into his philosophy. There's something clearly wrong in the dressing room at this point, some residual teenager bullshit that Alfie clearly has no way of dealing with. It's going to take a long time to roll over this team and get the right chemistry again. That is unless they can scrape together some quality draft picks for some desperate contender down the stretch and kill off some over sized contracts ta boot. Who knows? Maybe Cloustons going to come in, let the player do whatever the fuck they want, and they might start winning again... but if so... why the fuck did Murray get two hardline coaches with the aim of creating a hardline turnover based team? If Cloustons experiment doesn't work, the players are going to get hung out to dry by the trade deadline... if Murray gets good value for the trades he'll keep he's job... maybe... but with some of the contracts that might get moved, we still should be happy with a bag of pucks in return so we can hit the free agent market with some cap space. 1-0 against the Kings when even the Habs beat them?! C'mon... I might as well PayPal Hal his earnings now, when is the next fucking game? FWIW, I haven't seen a fucking game all year... maybe it's for the best! I listen to those two drunks on the radio, Gord and Dean, has been awesome this year... just like Bob Euchre from Major League... this next bump in the road could be fun, if we treat it the right way! But no Stanley for us... sadly... and isn't that all that matters?
  8. You just threw half your team under the bus! I'll take your "But Seriously" to mean your serious. Awesome... Is Kovalev up for contract renewal? I honestly don't know or care, but if he's not... he's done for the season. So the Habs dreams of Stanley. But we all already knew that right? Enjoy the long ride to the middle of the pack. Golf Sens Golf!!!
  9. For a hypocrite... Most of the smack talk I give is cause of what 'bigTime' and tissueman have contributed over in the Go Sens Go thread... kind of like the reverse of the golden rule. And most Leaf fans are also Habs fans for some retarded reason. Hal, Kev... you know what I mean... seems like Jakis is the newest... All I know is that the precedent has been set... if you don't win the cup... you're not worth shit... so... better luck next year fellas, cause there are much better teams than the Habs this year.
  10. And vice-versa... You'd do alot better worrying about your own soft team, than worrying about a team in 28th or whatever... but hey, if you can't win the cup, you might as well be a dick right? Something I learned from Habs fans and Leaf fans. I'll stop now... just know how much joy I'm going to get when Florida takes you to 7 games in the first round, and Boston takes you out in four in the 2nd.
  11. Habs fans are starting to make Dinghy look like Einstein.
  12. Clearly... Let me spell it out for you: you're team really isn't that good. Though I'd find it hard to believe you'd but your bong down... Montreal fans got to set fire to something to stay happy.
  13. Don't hurt your ankle jumping off the bandwagon. Though I can hardly blame you... I'd also like to cheer for a team that has a chance at actually winning the Stanley Cup this year too.
  14. Hehe, yeah, I can only imagine what an angry(er) bugger I would of turned out to be without him. He's one year Bob Cole's junior and went to the same grade and high school as him... Bob was apparently quite the ladies man! My Godfather (the Newfoundland tennis champion in 1960) also taught Danny Williams at tennis camp... says he was always the kid who would throw a tantrum when he lost, and would hit the ball over the fence. He's met Iggy on several occasions, as he lives in his riding. He thinks Iggy is too much of a politicians politician for his liking... but in light about how he feels about politicians in general, hasn't really put Iggnatieff down too much, which is probably as much as a 'seal of approval' as he can get. I'm just glad Iggy is saying the things that may actually get him elected (i.e. "I want to work with the current government to solve the current ecconomic crisis"), as opposed to "everyone hates harper, so lets do whatever it takes to steal power"
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