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  1. Should the Habs let him walk or match the offer sheet?
  2. The Habs will win in 7 only scoring 4 goals while being shutout 3 other times.
  3. Are the Leafs still in the NHL?
  4. Anyone else out there collect 8-Tracks like I do? I have a huge selection of 8-Tracks including the entire ABBA and Irish Rovers collections. Also in my collection is an autographed copy of Sunk the Bismark by Johnny Horton which I paid a lot of money for. I like to chug beer and get sloshed while watching Trailer Park Boys and listening to my vast collection of 8-Tracks over and over. At last count I had approximately 5367 8-Tracks though I did lend out one of my Pink Floyd's so I am down to 5366 currently. Oh well... off to drink some suds (Wildcat or Laker) and ease into some Dean Martin... 8-Track style.
  5. I tweaked the prerankings a bit and to be honest when I first looked at my lineup I wasn't overly impressed. It's a long season and a lot can happen.
  6. I can't believe there are only 5 episodes left
  7. Happy Birthday DaveyBoy 2.0
  8. Dickey, Wang, and Johnson this weekend. The Orioles are screwed!
  9. Maybe the guy finished his shift on one leg because he is so pumped up on illegal substances he could barely feel it.
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