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  1. Baj


    Grate reading as always! You are a wonderful writer and story teller, so entertaining! Thank you so much! Till the next log...
  2. Baj


    Thank you! Brillant as always!
  3. Whoa whoa WHOA StOp the clOck!
  4. Happy Bday! hope you had a Grateone
  5. http://www.thedevilmakesthree.com/index.php
  6. :clapclap: loved when he says "ever hear umphreys do in the kitchen in spanish"
  7. Baj

    cast iron

    That pizza looks epic Was the crust that thick on the bottom or was it more like a pie crust, thin on the bottom and just wrapped up the sides?
  8. Baj


    Yes! Another Grate Phantastic Vlog! Thank you! I was excited to read you guys traveled through my little home town of St.Stephen on this adventure before you crossed into Calais. That is one of the easiest border crossings ever haha...I remember a better time before 911 when they would just wave at you through the office window and you were through like nothing... Thanks again and keep the logs coming Happy new year
  9. Baj

    cast iron

    I have always wanted to find good quality cast iron myself but still have not put any effort into finding or investing in any. I was first turned onto it by Darryl Cronzy's fishing show where as part of the show he would always take the fresh fish they caught and do up a mouth watering 'shore lunch' segment where they fry it all up in cast iron. Then a friend here in Asheville got really into last summer and inspired me to look into it again...but still didn't follow through...haha! and now this thread brings it up again...I gotta get me some cast iron finally! Thanks for the link to that site!
  10. So very sorry Brian Rest in peace Julia
  11. Mother Fucking Genius That doc you made just blew my mind, the fact that I remember us all loving the toy at the ledges yrs ago and now to see that monster creation that you grew from that toy and have it synced up with the original toy and to music, awesome just awesome man Grate fucking work :clapclap: Oh yeah, sorry I got no answers though... :chug:
  12. Thanks so much everyone Mom and Kaya are doing Grate the James~gang couldn't be happier
  13. Congrats indeed Sure is an exciting experience another short short fan in the making here aswell haha
  14. Captainsunshine had a natural water birth to Kaya Ashley James Sept 7th at 12:34pm here in Asheville She already has her finger in the air
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