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  1. http://gifsforum.com/images_new/gif/other/grand/ea79dcfbad3ec7022bcaaa6ff319c6cb Pretty, pretty high....the drool especially makes this special.
  2. Truly. The upgrade to SBD audio is worth the price of admission alone. The epic pro shot video is amazing . Truly a great day with the leak of probably the Holy Grail of phish collecting.
  3. apparently a PT'r was trying to use a previously unseen DVD of BigCypress as incentive to be sold a Hallowe'en ticket and was then convinced to put it out for the whole community. apparently he was sitting on 3 VHS tapes that he had gotten from a buddy who was a cameraman at the show. Not sure why the links popped up on .net but it is in this thread: http://forum.phish.net/forum/show/1375552931#page=1 Enjoy! DWD has been put op on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd6g3mLDCik
  4. http://justshows.com/toronto/venues/black-box-theatre-the-great-hall-downstairs/376/ Venue for BNB after party goodness! Anyone been to this venue/room? Capacity?
  5. http://justshows.com/toronto/venues/black-box-theatre-the-great-hall-downstairs/376/ Venue for BNB after party goodness! Anyone been to this venue/room? Capacity?
  6. I was very very stoked to see Mike's tease come up on my feed!! Almost as pumped for this as I am for The Phish!
  7. Lol that was me that got the pit and then the next guy got 400s and then nothing but lawns....all by 10:03am....PT is reporting pav pulls hours later though :dazed: Very very weird on sale but stoked I got lucky!
  8. and thank you D for the stream link:)
  9. Wait!! WOOOOOOOOT! that first link has all three nights in it! enjoy folks:) just converting to mp4 so I can watch it on the big screen and it unstuffed further than it appeared to be...definitely files labeled with all 3 nights in it
  10. http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6078725/ ...as well as 12-31-10 for those that don't already have it couched!
  11. in my searches for night 3 I did come across this: https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7554927/Phish_-_2012-08-1x-_BGCA_[LivePhish][FLV] flv but VLC plays it fine:) now please! anyone got my heady night 3 on vid??? :bonghit: ***it's night 1 btw....
  12. I'm wondering if anyone may have come across any link for a rip of the video stream from night3 at Bill Graham's? I hate to beg like it's PT over here but I know some of you folks have sources that I just don't have:( I would dearly like to get video of the best two sets from Phish that have been played in years! Any help would be dearly appreciated:) BTW: if you haven't heard Sundays show yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. I haven't played anything else on my pod since I got it. Just a fantastic night of music! the segue between Light and Sally is worth the price of admission alone but thankfully there is soooooooo much more:) Thanks in advance to anyone who could help
  13. I was wondering what people are thinking about this summers Phish offerings... I've been couch touring it but am loving what I'm hearing (....again so far)... the "Antelope" from Deer Creek is just *wow*....I'll take that Phish every day of the week! Anyone else have any nuggets I should be seeking out? ...the Golden Age >Ghost and Free (Blossom) is other files that keep getting played repeatedly >.<...Mike's>Simple>Light>'Paug from Star Lake? LOL What are your favorites to crank right now? (can not figure out how to embed LOL sorry>)
  14. killatokes

    DL links?

    yeah, i've been getting my links form "here comes the flood" weblog....they are all aud links only though i was wondering about why no links on here as well....would love to find some boards...6/23 is indeed tasty as is the next night. the Golden Age>>Ghost is fantastic!
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