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  1. Sup jambands. Looking for an extra ticket to moe.'s Saturday night show at the Town Ballroom. If anyone has one to spare that would be awesome, please let me know. Cheers.
  2. Big thanks to c-towns and Northern Lights for helping me get to and from Buffalo. Great shows!
  3. Anyone going to this run from London, ON or going through London? Really wanna go, have a pair of ticks for each night and a room booked but no one to roll with unfortunately and not sure if I can justify renting a car. Would love if i could grab a ride with someone, will pitch for gas of course.
  4. Stillllll looking If anyone can help. dancingbear, if you see this im willing to take 2 of the 28ths and 2 of the 29ths but not all four. still willing to take your four for 28 off your hands.
  5. I posted in the already going MSG thread, but I got completely shut out this year If anyone has any extras to any of the nights they want to unload, please consider me. Cheers and Happy New Years!
  6. Got completely shut out If anyone has any extras to any of the nights please let me know! It will be going to a desperate phan! Cheers and Happy New Years!!
  7. Anyone in Toronto need a ticket??? benjaminkreuter@gmail.com Have a few extras
  8. Hey everyone I can no longer go to the moe.down and want to sell my ticket. I paid 135 for it, (Tier-2 earlybird), and want that much back. Will entertain other offers. if interested- benjaminkreuter@gmail.com Cheers!
  9. Hey everyone I know its a long shot but thought i'd try as i'd like to purchase these more locally if possible... anyways... looking for a tick to each night of the Gorge Phish shows and a regular camping pass. If anyone has these but has to bail i'd love to grab em off you. Cheers bkreuter@yorku.ca
  10. Hey phans... got an extra for the Darien Lakes show next Wednesday. buddy bailed so now i have an extra. It's a good seat in the pavillion, Sec 201, Row 5. Can meet at Darien next week or somewhere in GTA this week. inbox me or e-mail me at bkreuter@yorku.ca thanks. Want face + fees for it, so $75
  11. Hey phans, Since i caught the Barr Bros. last week i've been dying to discover more Slip material. Have a bunch of live recordings and Eisenhower, dying to hear From The Gecko... can't find it anywhere and to have it shipped it to Canada it would be an extra $25 which to me is ridiculous... so if anyone can hook me up with some The Slip material, specifically albums, i'd really appreciate it.
  12. yea man for 12/30 you should be fine. i'm in all three nights just trying to hook up my bro and his fiance with 12/31 so we're all in will buy any extra 12/31s
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