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  1. I'm sorry I'll be missing this lovely day Sara and Todd. I know it'll be a blast (the party as well as your lives together). I'll see you both in the near future. Have a great night!! Gary
  2. There's always Dawson Sara. A 'little bit' outta' the way maybe? It's too bad, I'm sure you'd both love it. If ever you guys would like to take-on the journey I'd be thrilled to set it up. Where ever you decide to go, I'm sure it'll be lovely just being together. Enjoy. Talk to ya soon. Gary
  3. I miss you brother. Have a great birthday with lots of love. I'm lookin' forward to seeing you soon. Have fun, on your very stupid day. Tonight,I celebrate my love for you.
  4. Has anyone seen Amy Millan before? She's coming to Dawson this summer for music fest and I just noticed that she was playing the Casbah tonight. I was wondering if I could get an inside scoop on what to expect.
  5. That would be amazing Steve. It would be great to see ya. I've been telling people up here for years about the great friends I have in the Hammer. I think you'll love it here buddy.Many, many good times to be had. And much like yourself the people are wonderful. Keep me updated on your plans. Say hi to Teresa.
  6. I wish I could be there. I can't think of anyone group I would rather spend St.Patties day with than the the most lovely skanks of The Hammer, and the surrounding "fringes" of course ;-). Cheers
  7. Happy Birfday Sara! I wish I could be there to celebrate with ya, though I have no fear in knowing that you'll be well cared for. Enjoy 25, Because ( if I may use a Lahey metaphor) the " Shit clock's tickin' " . Talk to ya soon Knobbins P.S. You Rock !!
  8. Birthday kisses for you my friend. Keep on rockin'. Gary (a.k.a Knobbins)
  9. Thanks AD. My laziness normally dosen't leave me much free time for such things, but I began today with one step-up on my vices: Wish me luck.
  10. I just got Magic Potion and the latest Neko Case , I'm quite pleased with the purchase. Neko Case I've been listening to for a while, but I wish I had been directed towards the Black Keys sooner. Although it is nice when you have someting new to enjoy.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has seen these guys live? Also, I'm quite enjoying the latest album and wondering what (those of you who have heard it ) might think. Cheers
  12. Nice one there Davey Boy. One of my students is sitting here with me right now. Guess what? He dosen't get it. This explanation will be my afternoon project. Thanks.
  13. I'm an educational assistant and spend the majority of my day working with students effected with FAS and Autism. In the evening and on weekends I'm the manager of many vices, but as I've often reminded 'myself', I'm really just "assistant to the manager".
  14. It was great to hear that the Sadies were going to be in Hamilton, I wish I was there to see them with you guys. I've seen them a few times here and they brought down the house. Keep rockin' Laurie and Edge. I miss partying with you guys.
  15. I'm in desperate need of a Marco sighting. It's quite grey and dismal up here...but the thought of Marco always brings sunshine
  16. u may be right... although a day early and that photo doesn't hurt anyone
  17. I wish i could be there to embrace and love u with all my being Marc. I'll raise a glass in your honor this evening my friend. Say hi to Laurie, You and her will be in my dreams this evening . Miss you guys , take care The Knobs
  18. Wish i could go with you Edge. We haven't talked in a while... a trip to Toronto would be a nice journey for cathchin' up. I still have hope that you'll make it up to Dawson for a visit one of these days. :cool:
  19. I came to Dawson for a visit... 5yrs later I'm still enjoying the vacation. Wonderful people, beautiful surroundings and I must agree with phishin4mango, Music Fest is something you look forward to the day after it's over. 'Dawson go brah'
  20. Wow! Did the post ever come in at the wrong time
  21. This movie is great! We're on our fifth go-round in this house. Vote for Pedro! Tina! Come get some ham. Classic.
  22. Hope you had a great birthday Brian. As you age it's important that you keep the 'stupidness' real. And as a fellow stupido, I know we can all count on you. You're a good man. Take it eez.
  23. It just had to be said. And I felt as if it should be a public statement. It may be important that the world knows. Why? That, I don't know. But I do know that I love MarcO. What a beautiful, beautiful man.
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