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  1. Yep. That guy is playing a right handed guitar left-handed. Strung upside down.
  2. I believe you are right. Also the two guitarists for shred are also the only two members of Mapache. Their self titled debut is fantastic. Highly recommend checking it out.
  3. Anyone driving up for the saturday night show from Ottawa and looking for someone to help with gas let me know please. The show is 07/20 and 07/21/2018 at velvet underground. tickets available at gratefulshredmusic.com
  4. What is strange is that the bands website chrisrobinsonbrotherhood.com isn't promoting the show either. They don't even have it listed on their tour dates page. The night before their in kalamazoo michigan though so definitely close enough. Im pretty sure this would be there first canadian tour date ever.
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