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  1. I'm interested. Send me a PM and we'll talk.
  2. LJFH

    Mamma Happy!

    NEW RYAN!!!!!!!
  3. did this event include a big bottle of booze and a glow bracelet? heheheheh.
  4. LJFH

    Good Memories Today!

    OMG Jay, I totally forgot about the Fart alarm.....ahahahahahah! Fabulous!!!
  5. Today is the birthday of great guy a lot of us knew and loved. I never forget cause mine is the day following. Happy Birthday Hood. Hope you're rocking the netherworld buddy!
  6. LJFH

    Bluesfest safe haven

    Hmmmmmmm....it's been pretty calm and safe around here for the last 5 days, fancy that!
  7. I know I said it already 1000 times, but Happy Birthday.....life is better with you in it.
  8. I think I just puked a little.
  9. Who knows, maybe it could be you Jeopardy
  10. I'll drop something baby, but it won't be $1,500.
  11. Hey, Hey, Hey....said TV is not JUST for sports.....I like'm watch tv too ya know. :susel: hehehehehe!
  12. AWESOME! hahahahahha! Buh-bye!
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