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  1. I'm interested. Send me a PM and we'll talk.
  2. did this event include a big bottle of booze and a glow bracelet? heheheheh.
  3. OMG Jay, I totally forgot about the Fart alarm.....ahahahahahah! Fabulous!!!
  4. Today is the birthday of great guy a lot of us knew and loved. I never forget cause mine is the day following. Happy Birthday Hood. Hope you're rocking the netherworld buddy!
  5. Hmmmmmmm....it's been pretty calm and safe around here for the last 5 days, fancy that!
  6. I know I said it already 1000 times, but Happy Birthday.....life is better with you in it.
  7. I think I just puked a little.
  8. Who knows, maybe it could be you Jeopardy
  9. I'll drop something baby, but it won't be $1,500.
  10. Hey, Hey, Hey....said TV is not JUST for sports.....I like'm watch tv too ya know. :susel: hehehehehe!
  11. AWESOME! hahahahahha! Buh-bye!
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