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Wizard of OZ flubs/bloopers


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Part of the movie is in black and white, then inadvertently goes to color, and then back to black and white! An obvious continuity gaffe.

* Although the movie purports to be in Kansas, several scenes are obviously filmed on a Hollywood sound stage.

* The scene where the teacher rides past Dorothy's bedroom window in the midst of a tornado is physically impossible.

* When the characters sing you can hear music accompanying them but there are no radios or musicians in the area!

* For a land to exist "over the rainbow" it would have to be lighter than air, and as Dorothy was already shown to be composed of solid matter, how come she didn't

fall back down to earth?

* Some of the so-called "munchkins" are obviously children wearing fake facial hair and grown up clothes.

* The "yellow brick road" is not really yellow as much as it is golden. And there is some speculation that it isn't really made of brick either. (Thanks to the

International Brick Layers Union for providing that piece of information.)

* Scarecrows are inanimate objects moved solely by the wind. They can not move at will, much less dance.

* A "tin man" is a slang term for an aluminum siding salesman. The movie portrays the salesman as an actual tin man. And what's with the ax? Someone in the

research department should've gotten fired over this flub.

* Lions growl. They do not talk. There is no recorded evidence of one talking, ever. Perhaps the filmmaker's were thinking of the Biblical Balaam's ass, which is the

only recorded incident of an animal actually speaking coherent sentences.

* Lions are also quadrupeds, meaning they walk on all fours. The "lion" in the movie is obviously a man in a suit trying to pass himself off as the real thing.

* As for the ruby red slippers, well, despite the sure protestations from some of our lady-folk here, shoes do not have magical powers.

* The witch views the goings on through her crystal ball. A purely fictional device. Obviously special effects created the scenes she was supposed to be watching in the ball.

(Note: While there is a device on the market called "The Magic 8 Ball," which is a genuine fortune telling device, this is not the type of ball employed in the scene just


* Monkeys do not have wings, and cannot fly.

* The witch flies on a broom and skywrites with it as well. Again, an invented fiction that would make Oliver Stone proud.

* Trees cannot talk, nor can they "throw" apples. Once an apple is ripe, however, it may fall onto the ground directly beneath it.

* Although there are many scenes with trees in them, not once does Toto mark his territory on them. This goes against common sense and ruins the believability of

the movie.

* For that matter no character in the entire movie goes to the bathroom. Although the "tin man" does leak at one point it's tears that overflow, not urine.

* Perhaps the biggest goof of all: Everything the characters went to the wizard to receive, THEY ALREADY HAD! The Scarecrow wanted a brain, YET HE DEVISED THE PLAN TO GET INTO THE CASTLE! The Tin Man wanted a heart YET HE CRIED TEARS OF SADNESS! The lion wanted courage, YET HE'S THE ONE WHO FOUGHT THE CROCODILES! (In an alternate, never-before-seen version currently in a locked vault in Ted Turner's Montana ranch.)

* Also, did anybody note that the same characters playing the tin man, scarecrow, lion, Mr. Oz, and the wicked witch, were also playing the farm hands, fortune

teller and teacher? Obviously a sign of a low budget, since the meager makeup on their alternate characters wasn't enough to make their faces look much different.

* Continuity flub: At one point Toto is played by a small sheep, but only for a few frames. I forget which scene this is in, but once seen it's obviously a sheep


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