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Phish Summer 2003 Tour Date Rumors

The rumor mill has begun. These are not confirmed dates but they have been passed along to me by a reliable source. Rumors such as these have been about 90% true in the past.

Check it out, Limestone!?!?!?!?!.

Phish 2k3 Summer???

July 7-8 Mountain View, CA

July 9 Ventura, CA

July 11 Portland, OR

July 12-13 George, WA

July 14 Salt Lake City, UT

July 17 Bonner Springs, KS

July 19-20 East Troy, WI

July 22-24 Noblesville, IN

July 26-27 Camden, NJ

July 29-30 Mansfield, MA

August 2-3 Limestone, ME

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im there

no canadian dates EH,,, didnt someone say they worked there or something,, they saw phish already booked? am i dreaming? or reading walfredo rumours in my sleep?

cinci friday is on kazaa, most of vegas shows too, most of nye as well, kazaa reeks

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Only 2 venues and 4 shows on the East Coast aside from Limestone!!

I can't see that being true. Playing 2 night stands in Jersey, Mass and Maine and ignoring the rest of the East and the South isn't going to happen in mu opinion. That tour looks too short to me. Maybe it is just the first leg.

If this is the whole tour I would likely try to do Deer Creek through Limestone. A nice two week run.


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