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things I'd like to see on the website(s) ...

mark tonin

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... Picking up on h's earlier theme of things we'd like to see on the web site(s), here are a few of my ideas:

show dates - comprehensive, organized, with a Canadian focus

some regional forums, so that people from Ottawa can discuss what is going on in Ottawa, people in Toronto can discuss what is going on in Toronto, etc. I think that Phish Sanctuary is an awesome example of how a web site can serve to connect people in a community. Let it stand as a model for other Canadian communities.

lots more content, written by fans, about Canadian jambands and the Canadian jam scene

one place that I can go that serves as a hub to find the hotspots to visit throughout Canada, so if I move or am travelling, I can find out where to go for some great live music - this can be one site or a colletion of sites linked together

a place to download oodles of live shows

a place to go to purchase cd's and merch from all of my favourite Canadian artists

a place to post art, poetry, songs, writing, etc. - perhaps even a place to post something, have someone add to it and repost, etc.

My brain doesn't stop when it comes to ideas ... I just wish there were enough hours in the day to pursue them all ... please post your ideas.

Peace, Mark

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