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Antibalas- Friday April 5th. Barrymores!


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They are a 12 piece afrobeat orchestra in the spirit of Fela/Femi Kuti, with the funk soul of James Brown. bass, guitar, drums, keys, a bunch of percussionists, horn section.. lots of em. They build on very simple grooves, but keep adding textures. making it HUGE sounding, and making sure everybody is dancing.

They are sort of political, but in a good way, reminding people to think for themselves and be open, question governments whenever they can, and not be afraid to dance (in a nutshell). It's a pretty uplifting show, and i remember at the Tulip fest there were hippies, jazzers, oldtimers, nature boys and girls, and kids all dancing and whoooping it up together.. i was dead sober too.. sign of a great show.

ill be there.

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