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Hey moe.ron!!!


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CAn you buy tix for the North Mississippi Allstars?! I will be back the day before, but i am getting excited for that show for some reason, and i think it might sell out.

I will (not) pay you back!! wink.gif" border="0

It's a Tuesday me thinks, but everyone should be out for this one.. I hear Tom Wilson puts on a great show too (junkhouse dude).

Oh... and bad news about antibalas.. its a showcase night for Exclaim.. and they are headlining, and there are abunch of lame slacker rock bands opening.. why must we be punished?!?

Ill be there anyway, just late as hell..

peace yall!~

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no prob GM! I will pick them up as soon as I can, probably even tomorrow. It will be a great show. I actually saw Tom Wilson on the Vicky Gabereau show and he did solo songing with acoustic guitar and it was pretty good (he's got a crazy low voice).

re: antibalas, we'll play it by ear I guess.

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