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Garaj Mahal


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Tonight @ Burrard Ballroom in Vancouver - tomorrow in Whistler.

I post this in the hope there's someone else from Vancouver lurking out there somewhere.

This band is DOPE!

Kai Eckhardt (bass), Fareed Haque (guitar), Alan Hertz (drums), and Eric Levy (Hammond B3).


I just worked 12 days straight and I finally have tomorrow off - IM GONNA FREAK-OUT TONIGHT!!!

I'll prepare a full report..

This is T.D.M. for PhishsanctuaryWest.....

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I was a complete bag of toys due to my heroic consumption of scotch... but I remember the first set pretty well - and it was amazing. They have the ability to really hold your attention with extreme dynamics. What a trippy band! By all accounts, they played better than last time they were in town.

I apologize for the brief report, but I was HAMMERED and had no business being in public...I'm pissed I got so pissed.

I'm still hurtin' today...

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