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Wait wait wait..... Can you play some Eric Clapton please?


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Downtime rocked!!

Thanks boys... sweet show.....

Our rowdy "play some Eric Clapton....wanna by some coke?" friend was handsdown the winner of last nights toaster!

He was hillarious!! He couldn't get his head around the music.. struggling with the groove... there were a few brief moments where he surrendered... I was happy for him


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speaking of clapton, anyone ever notice how much clapton amd trey look alike??

and they're both killer on the gee-tar. and they both studied music...not just learned about it - studied it. Although trey got to go to school for it and clapon had to seek it out more on his own, i think it's eerie about these 2 dudes...somehow spiritually linked?>??

i would assume so.

after all, clapton IS supposed to be God...

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