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nero @ Doc Dylan's open stage

A beautiful ride from Saint John brought us to my parents house in Moncton for a couple days off. After a fine mom-made dinner and a visit with my buddy we ended up downtown.

When we checked out Thursday night's venue, I ran into several folks from my past, most notably my first ever guitar teacher, who gave me my first few lessons. He was the entertainment and he got up with his Ovation and played Tom Petty and Poison. If I could go back in time and show Steve a video of himself playing this set at the Paramount I'm sure he'd voluntarily drown in his own vomit. Very sad indeed.

Needless to say, we got outta there in a hurry and went over to Doc Dylan's open stage down the street. I think when Dave saw the electric guitar leaning up against an amp he got the idea to jam. I was really looking forward to hearing a couple of tunes sans pedalboard, but with glee I saw Dave strap on the acoustic! Turns out the Strat was a lefty. Well, we were treated to an acoustic pair of tunes that rocked the place. Holetown transfers nicely to acoustic, certainly a good pick.

Quote of the Day: "Everything is everything!"

Holetown Charlie>

3rd Stone From The Sun

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