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garcia auction catalog


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I emailed guernsey's concerning the catalog for the auction. If anyone is interested...I think I am, here is their response:

Thank you for expressing interest in our upcoming “Jerry Garcia of The

Grateful Dead.” We are delighted to have been awarded the opportunity to

offer the extraordinary TIGER and WOLF at auction.

We are working frantically to create a beautiful commemorative catalogue

which will be depicting and describing not only TIGER and WOLF, creations of

luthier Doug Irwin, but more than two hundred other wonderful objects also

relating to the journey of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. The catalogue

will be available in the beginning of April (a month before the tentative May

8th auction date) and is available for $30.00 or $35.00 shipped priority mail

within the U.S. To obtain a copy please contact us with your Mastercard or

Visa, or send a check to Guernsey’s at 108 East 73rd Street, New York, NY


Just as you seem to be, we are greatly enthused by this coming sale and think

it will be a memorable event for all involved. Should you have any

questions, or would like to receive a Bidder Registration Form, please feel

free to contact us.

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