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Cheese-Heads and their behaviour @ RCMH...


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from someone in the know-----

a friend of mine who works at Radio City let me know that there was

30K worth of damage to Radio City from this weekends shows.

Damage included:

"peeing ON the venue, peeing IN the venue (in the orchestra), taking

markers to seats, wall coverings, tiles and cork in the lounges (in a

LANDMARK building), stealing liquor, YOU NAME IT. this is in

addition to all the kids puking, passing out, getting naked and

having seizures."

She said that the Phish and Trey shows there were "fine" and

that "they'll never come back to the hall - EVER."

I did not see any of this behavior going down, but the above is 100%

FACT coming directly from someone involved.

This is find totally sad! Hopefully it will not prohibit them from playing NYE show there

Sounds like Summer Dead Death tour 95!!!

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