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Last show Casbah??????????????


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Heres the set kist sinc e it wasn't recorded...................


Brown eyed-women

Tough mama



Maggies Farm

Too many choices>


Ain't no bread in the bread box>



(4 Horses)**


Stand back

Tangled up in blue

Can't always get what you want


Up a tree

Burden and Misfortune


**= My set list sheet is not workin' so these tunes I drew a blank on.Guess I could've asked a Fat Cat but 33 was callin'.Either that or if there is a name it could be wrong.

( )=possible wrong titles.

After the show just about everyone from Cats went to 33 HESS to catch some serious blues/jam, which gave us a killer Shape I,m in,and Superstious.By the way there was only about 8 people for the first of two smokin' sets!!

By the encore there was about 20 some odd people there.They tore it up old school style.

The "Choices>Jam>Breadbox>Maracas"was amazing!!!!! The jam was killer teased a couple tunes I think.(??)The show ened about 1:00,it got goin' around 10:30(ya'll know the Cats)

The show kicked ass for a small crowd, it smoked all were dancin'.............special thanks to the Brantford freaks fer givin' 'er!!!!!!!!

The rumor and I can't underline the word rumor enough is that this was the real last night @ the Casbah.From there who knows, everyone who knew anything was rather tight lipped.

I,d like to see the place stay open(even if I work @ PJ's)it has always gave me nothin' but kick ass music.!!!

ps I still want the sign!


Mr. Pink

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It sure was a great night. As a long time addict of 33 Hess on Sundays, I was pleased that I didn't have to tear myself away from the 'Cats to head to 33 Hess.

So tell me, did anyone else notice that 33 Hess was out of almost every beer that they sell? I mean in the bottle and on tap. Almost every single one was gone. Now, is this just really bad planning? (I can't believe) Or, is there something 'weird' going on there now too?

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