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Garaj Mahal - Vancouver - Tonight


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Garaj Mahal are playing the Green Room in Vancouver tonight. I was just announced this morning. The guitarist is away so it's keyboards, percussion, and bass. This has happened once before and was apparently amazing. If I could catch a concorde to Vancouver and make it in time (and if Bill Gates was my father) I wouldn't miss it for the world. These guys are so insanely hot, Tonin's speakers melted from playing one of their disks. [Wink]

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I just got an email from a friend in Vancouver who went to the show the other night and here's what he had to say:

"as for garag mahal. i saw them on friday. the guitarist is crazy? i don't understand his music sometimes. it's like a crazy miles davis skat, but with a jewish honika influence mixed with beethoven. weird eh?"

Would you say thats about right Willy? [Wink]

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Kai Eckhardt - Bass

Alan Hertz - Drums

Eric Levy - Keyboards


Set I

Be Dope

Milk Carton Blues

Mowing The Lawn

Cosmic Elevator

The Shadow

Samurai Duck Blues


Set II

Hippy Happy



Fly Like An Eagle>


Scratch Like A Chicken

Never Give Up, Given It Up

Poodle Factory

Showed-up around 9:30, there was already 70+ people there (The Green Room is a very small venue) - the band had just started. The Garaj Mahal rhythm section is outrageously SICK. They layed-down some very serious funk grooves, highlighted by the FAT, meandering bass of Kai Eckhardt - possibly the best in the biz. Then some ultra-tight trippy drum n' bass - Alan Hertz is a master at the drum kit - his hands be movin' so fast, I aint' seen shit. All the music had some TIGHT jazz lines in them, allowing the band to really show-off their chops. The set-up was all about simplicity. Eric Levy was playing a 'Motif 7' synth with a line 6 delay stomp box, and a little 'nord electro' synth on top for the trippy stuff - that's it. I noticed even Kai had his bass plugged directly into the amp, sans effects. Near the end, during Scratch Like A Chicken, Kai got the crowd do do this "bok bok bok" (like a chicken) thing. My freind Sarah (you might know her from the show 'English Teachers' on Life network) said to Kai, "Are you making fun of us?" Kai replied, (in the mic) "ha ha, Yes and No." - The guy has an amazing presence on stage and was definately the focal point of the trio. At the end they introduced themselves as "Trio In A Geo" Not too shabby for a gig that was announced 7 hours earlier. No Fareed, but it was the best 6 bucks I have ever spent.

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Right on dudes...garaj mahal is some scary shit. I've had two opportunities to see the garaj and both were excellent...not to knock the show, but I would have been totally bummed without Fareed Haque being there...that guy is WILD WILD WILD on the guitar, he's considered to be one of the best classical guitar players in the world and his inventive work on the Godin Glissentar is nutty (thats an 11 string freetless classical guitar (like a 12 except only 1 lower E))....I hope to be seeing those guys again fo'sho'.......

May the blessings be,

Giggles "Gawpo" [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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Hey all, long time.....

Oh yes, Garaj Mahal is something special indeed! Have seen them 15+ times now....Top 5.....maybe Top 3...?

Fareed Hague is a genius....Born of Chilean/Packistani heritage, he is the professor of Jazz and Classical Studies at the University of Illinois, so you east coasters just may be able to catch him in one of his other incantations (perhaps the Fareed Hague Group - which boasts tabla & DJ - but maybe they are based on the West Coast....?) ONe of his favorite and main instruments is an acoustic guitar/sitar hybrid (a la John McLaughlin) and the guy just shreds it up....I'm always surprised the thing doesn't catch fire on stage! This past run in BC he flew in and didn't bring an axe so rented from L&M (bastards)....almost settled on the Bo Diddley special, but then spotted the double neck (Epiphone) Jimmy Page special, so this is how it was for the week-end....(he also borrowed a few axes from local folks, so some variety was had....

Kai Eckhardt is a bass phenom...He played with John McLaughlin Trio way back when (check out Live @ Royal Albert Hall with Trilok Gurtu on "drums") - if John M asks you to play with him, you must be a prodigy - the guy is sick, funky, heavy, switches between all genres at the drop of a hat....

Alan Hertz has played with Trey, Steve Kimock (KVHW), and is completely unique in his sound and approach to the kit....his drumming is a unique voice in the mix.....

Eric Levy is a former student of Fareed's....wicked keys, sounds like a guitar player at most times!

Unfortunately they haven't toured beyond the West Coast, but if you e-mail their mgmnt via their website www.garajmahal.net , and pester your local promotor, you just may be able to get them booked in your area!!!

Sorry for the rant, but this band excites me!!!!

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