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Anyone hitting the Silver Hearts tomorrow?

Davey Boy 2.0

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I hope you dig 'em!

The Silver Hearts are a Peterborough-based band formed in January of 2000. With amazing energy, poignant song writing and instrumentation unlike anything you’ve seen, including accordion, fiddles, piano, brass, musical saw, and theremin, the music of the Silver Hearts evades description by modern genres.

A mixture of western roots, tin-pan-alley, blues and ragtime that has been described at various times as a “beer orchestra”, “ghost town western music”, “music for an Irish wake” and “a brothel blues orchestra”, The Silver Hearts take forgotten music and reinvent it with a new sense of style and vitality.

The July issue of Exclaim! said of the Silver Hearts NXNE showcase: "Triumphant, passionate and inspiring are not adjectives that usually describe showcase gigs but Peterborough's finest folkestra fed a frenzied crowd with Sadie-ish country, barrel-house blues, New Orleans hot jazz and otherworldly duets between the musical saw and theremin. Must be seen to be believed".

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