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NEEDED- phish tix for Nassau


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I left my round room farmhouse friday, and was out with my sweet one (funky bitch) she on a llama, myself on my two-toned multibeast, listening to some bowie, eating minestrone, glideing and bouncing around cities, honking my horn to avoid the lizards and snowflakes in the sand and dirt, looking for runaway jim,... when tix went on sale. But that's ok cause i had my laptop and a cell but still it was a waste of heavy things to carry as the theme was ghost operators and sloth-like paiges. Help lift the curtain off my poor heart, the hood off my eyes (dead fan too), restore the sparkle in my loving cup and avail all of these dreams of sharin in the groove in nassau, if ya got extras, i'm sure we can work something out, a fee or something.

living simple and free with my ragtime gal,


p.s. contact me recnepsesor@hotmail.com

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