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Rheostatics Tonight and Tomorrow in O-Town


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Just a reminder: The best band on the planet is playing in Ottawa tonight and tomorrow at Zaphod's downtown in the market. I know a lot of people don't like Eugene too much, whatever.

The Rheostatics are the best thing going. Period. If you're skeptical, the famous critics Blane, JP, Tungsten, Scottieking, Northern Wish and I wholeheartedly tell you to check them out ASAP. And tapers, if you show up and tape I'll buy you a drink. Possibly even an expensive one. (Mmmm.... Gargleblasters).

Tix are $15, still available at the door, and the shows are early ones, starting at 8 pm (I'd better get going!) Opening is Dave Merrit.


AD - off to Harmelodia.

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How was it AD?

I know that Tungsten had the good fortune of seeing (and taping!!!) the band at the Jane Bond a few weeks ago.

If you talk to Dave Bidini, tell him to tour the East Coast! Its so tough being a fan of that band, and having witnessed the atrophying reaches of the Rheostatics Tour Bus.

Are you going to be back in ON at all Alan?

I am heading out to nero in London with Scottie and friends on Saturday........


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