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Last post before X-mas


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So I just wanted to say a few things to all you Sanctuarians:

1.) I hope you receive all the wishes you've made for the holiday season (be they a new drum set or peace on earth).

2.) I'd like to say I'm very thankful for Ms. Hux introducing me to the site and subsequently, all of you. The friendships I've made over the past year have changed my life ten-fold. I love you all so much.

3.) Remember all of the things you have to be thankful for. Often times in the hustle of buying gifts and baking we forget the spirit of the holidays. Take a moment to make a cheer before your Christmas feast to all of the things that have brought you joy.

And most of all, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. I'll be gone until January 2nd so if anyone needs to get a hold of me, email me at swalotail@hotmail.com

Love and best wishes to you all,

Lucy (Kit) xoxoxoxox

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I wish I had something nice for you all, like big fuzzy scarves and mittens, but I haven't had time to go shopping or sheep-shearing.

Instead, I'll send you a kiss on the winter wind and hope that a dream of a warm and gentle breeze will be enough.

Sleep now. It's been long, and it's time for a rest.

waving, like oceans and palm trees ... arc

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Well I don't remeber who you all are,(well some)I hope everybody who got a little package from me at Nero on friday enjoyed it. [Wink]

Have yer self a Jerry christmas and maybe I'll see some of ya at GTB/JSB in Charlottetown on NYE. [big Grin]

Play safe people.Stand up and smile!


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