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Congratulations to nero!!!!!!

Northern Wish

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It seems the nero boys have made the list for the year end Jambase Readers Survery. The have managed to squeeze near the top ten in the Category for Most Shows on Jambase for the year 2002!

Congratulations boys, someone else noticed your hard work!

Most number of shows in JamBase in 2002:

Global Funk Council - 207

Dexter Grove - 204

The Clumsy Lovers - 198

Pete Scheips Band - 194

Jerry Joseph and The Jackmormons - 180

Psychedelic Breakfast - 167

Townhall - 160

The Motet - 159

Warsaw Poland Bros - 155

Carlos Washington & Giant People -155

Umphrey's McGee - 155

Danny Godinez Band - 153

Dark Star Orchestra - 152

Particle - 150

nero - 150

OM Trio - 149

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - 148 Happy New Year!




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Guest Low Roller

Alright, so I checked out this Warsaw Poland Bros band (because I'm Polish you see), and it turns out they are a reggae-ska band along the lines of Reel Big Fish or Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Fun stuff.

Check out their tunes here

I especially recommend Rude Girl and Club Sex.

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