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ekoostik Hookah sbd! 03-06-2004


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here is the setlist:

Disc 1 (Set 1):

01. Deal With It

02. Arctic Song

03. Fantastic

04. Moonshiner

05. Life Is Good

06. Two Sometimes

07. Dumpster

08. Blow'em Away

09. Utopia

Disc 2 (Set 1 cont.):

01. Only Falling

Set 2:

02. Intro

03. Get Rhythm->

04. Abdega Gaga->

05. Backwoods Rose->

06. Dragonfly->

07. Backwoods Rose->

08. Spiders->

09. Driftaway->

10. Abdega Gaga

Disc 3 (Set 2 cont.):

01. Bell Bottom Blues

02. Loner->

03. Keepin' Time->

04. Grass->

05. Keepin' Time->

06. Loner

07. E: Seahorse (unfinished)->

08. Bone

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Is this the ONE show to have? I'm asking because I form opinions real easy. Well, actually it's just that there's so much music to listen to so if something doesn't work for me the first time, it may take a while for me to get back around and give it a second chance. I'm looking for THE live eKoostic Hookah show.

What do you recommend?

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Keri, there's one waiting for you when you get here friday.

WIlly, go online and buy 'Sharp in the Flats' if you want THE hookah show...and then drag your pimply ass to one of their shows and you will not give a shit about any of the live recordings that you have or ever will have. THis is one of those bands that no matter what, will never do themselves justice with a recording. There is so much positive energy at their shows.

If you do want to download a show though this is the one to get. ITs sbd and the second set roars! i have listened to the second disc of this thing 4 times now and only got it downloaded by 9:30 last night!

oh ya, ker, Loner opens with a harmonica ::

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