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drums and tuba dates and locations for 28th and 29 *DELETED*

Groove Fetish

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I don't know if people are going to dig Nihilist Spasm (unless you're reaaaaaalllly high and even then you could be into a bad trip) they've got a cool history in that they were basically the Rochdale house band and so are connected to the whole history of the Canadian counterculture. But they play really dark non-music, I guess it's musique actuelle or concrete to be precise. You know the kind of stuff, like a really dissonant Godspeed You Black Emperor or there's another band Black Dice that's sort of in the same vein. It's a cool bill though and should be sort of interesting for the drums and tuba guys. Nihilist Spasm are at the mouth of a river that spills out into bands like Sonic Youth, in fact I want to say they've collaborated with Lee Renaldo (maybe at Guelph Jazz actually).

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yah- basher- but as you saw the drums and tuba site- had no Hamilton info for location - (but thanks for the doubled up answer Show-whore) and the over the top festival is at the rivoli that night as well I didn't realize that they had a site or that there might be two locations in one night....but thanks surly Basher.

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