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Ensure plus for those days deep in the bush...


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Was at my friends house the other day and was going through his fridge to make something to eat, when I noticed these little cans of Ensure Plus. Curious as to what it was I picked up the can and started to read the label wich read, " Ensure Plus is a pleasent tasting meal replacement, providing complete and balanced nutrition.... Yadda yadda yadda..."

So I thought to myself "Danm, this would make a perfect breakfast or even pick me up snack back in the bush." So I continued to read the label's nutrition information.

Energy 355 Cal

Protein 13.3 g

Fat 9.5 g

Polyunsaturates 1.9 g

Linoleic acid 1.8 g

Linolenic acid 0.30 g

Monounsaturates 4.0 g

Saturates 0.5 g

Cholesterol 2.1 mg

Carbohydrate 54 g

Sodium 250 mg

Potassium 460 mg

Percentage of Recomended Daily Intake:

Vitamin A 38%

Vitamin D3 30%

Vitamin E 27%

Vitamin C 25%

Thiamine 25%

Riboflavin 27%

Niacin 26%

Vitamin B6 28%

Pantothenic acid 25%

Calcium 27%

Phosphorus 25%

Magnesium 26%

Iron 27%

Zinc 44%

Iodide 25%

Copper 0.5 mg

Manganese 1.3 mg

Selenium 0.013 mg

Chromium 0.011 mg

Molybdenum 0.028 mg

Biotin 0.035 mg

After reading all that pooh there was only one final thing to do... and that was to taste the bloody thing. I Opend 'er up and pounded the frothy shake down and to my surprise the thing actually tasted pretty danm good.

So this summer for the long portage's back in the bush I plan on bringing atleast one can per days worth for the extra energy that will be needed. ( usually only eat two meals a day portaging, so The meal replacment will be a nice pick me up) I'd Imagine It would also be a good thing to bring on those long drug bender type weekends like good ol'frontier.


Oh shit its almost trout fishing season isnt it... :: This will be a first for me... A buddy of mine knows some good areas to catch speckeled trout. O'boy the excitment.

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