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nero tour dates


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05/01/2004 - Sat The Garden Of Ease Montreal, PQ

05/12/2004 - Wed Nectar's Burlington, VT  

05/13/2004 - Thu Savannah's Albany, NY  

05/14/2004 - Fri The Ale House Portland, ME  

05/19/2004 - Wed Pepperjack Cafe Hamilton, ON  

05/20/2004 - Thu Wilbert's Cleveland, OH  

05/22/2004 - Sat Loading Dock Traverse City, MI  

05/28/2004 - Fri The Spring Shaker St. Andrews, NB  

06/03/2004 - Thu Trasheteria Peterborough  

06/04/2004 - Fri Trasheteria Guelph  

06/24/2004 - Thu River Street Jazz Cafe Wilkes-Barre, PA  

06/25/2004 - Fri Adirondack Music Festival Lyonsdale, NY  

I'll be at Hamilton, The Shaker, Peterborough and Guelph... Keep the dates coming boys...

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Velvet can give more details on the Montreal show, but I think it's to help benefit an arts magazine in Mtl. called "The New Artist Collective" (there's a link to the mag from the nero tour dates page).

I believe the gig takes place at a set of lofts, with various artists showing stuff; there are various rooms (one of which will have nero playing in it), multimedia stuff going on, a couple of kegs, and so on. IIRC, nero's supposed to start at 11pm (which kind of screws up any chance of seeing nero and Contact/Jomomma at Le Swimming) and go till 2am. Velvet described it rave-like.

Depending on what shape I'm in after Conect/Jomomma on Friday at Mavericks, I may go to this. Anybody else interested?



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