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Roll Call: Contact/Cavern


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Hey everybody! tonight at Elements is going to be a solid show indeed.

2 Bands that get up only to rip it.

Contact, Toronto's 5 piece advanced_house_rock will be kicking the night off to get people in the mood for dancing to some great Groove Rock. Cavern will be closing it down before the afterparty scene wherever you may find it.

Hope to see you there. cover's $5.and ask about our $2.50 drink specials.


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hahaha, i didn't get too crazy kuipers, sorry!!! put away as many vodka crans as i could afford and actually hit the road before last call. so i hope you like those.

on another note - contact kicked ass. that conga player (i hope that's the right term) was wow. WOW. i hope more people come to check them out when they play may 8th.

hope you had a good night with your wagon!

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